Liucas Without Winn

Monday, November 27, 2006

Must Berdikari

ahboy i tell u , we canot be so dependent on humans one. You never read pendidikan moral before meh? we must berdikari. chapter 12!

If i do like what you did to chen, i am sure mummy will kick me off the car and make me walk home alone.

But u think i so stupid meh? So far how to walk ? Of coz i will take LRT home la! You dont even know whats LRT leh? It's not food ok it's a roller coaster ride can bring you home one! aiyo see la ahboy .. try to stand on your own feet la. What if one day chen disowns you?

I also very takut mummy will disown me one day . she so fierce summore she always says wanna pang me outta the house for no reasons. i really dun wanna end up at kaki lima like the strays , will kena tangkap by mppp to feed cats one! :(

So now I started to do freelance already. I must save money for rainy days. So if one day mummy pang me out of the house I can use all my savings to buy a bus ticket back to penang.

This is what i do when mummy's not at home from 9am- 6pm...

Look at my two happy customers?...hehehe...

Mummy always says working very sanfu one..where got sanfu?? a bit also not sanfu ok. Tomorrow got 2 more appointments coming, Nancy mamasan told me all the luis very jeng one.

shhhhh!! keep this to yourself only k ..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kembang Moments

That day Ahboy boasted his kembang moments. Like that minor minor stuffs also wanna show off. I really cannot tahan.

So, today after mummy went to work, I took out my kembang moments photos and share with everyone. Actually today I wanna poopoo on the sofa one. But that project can postpone to next week. Show off is more important.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Don't blink your eyes. Below are 1% of my kembang photos. Just let me know if you want to see more.

Ok, I admit I used to be Master Vader's best friend. He sold me off after he is fully into the Dark Side. Because dog is man's best friend. Since he is no longer a man (he is now half machine), I cannot be his best friend anymore.

As you can see, I am part of the Fellowship also. My duty is to lead the way. But somehow, these wackos got nothing to eat along the way and I can see them preparing the claypot. So, before I ended up being their dinner, I better cabut first.

This one nothing much to say. I am on my way to poopoo and they just blocked the way. So, when they see me coming, all give way, like Moses parting the sea like that. Well, all also MUST give face to Liucas one.

Now, you all say lah.. Whose moments more kembang-er?


Sunday, November 19, 2006

One Sweet Day

The weather is perfect. The morning sun is not hot and the air is refreshing. Birds are singing in the trees. Me and Victoria (my girlfren the poodle) are taking a stroll along the clear river. I can see the fishes swimming freely in the river. I brought along 2 huge slices of T-Bone steaks while Victoria brought some BR ice creams.


We found a shady spot and settled down. We shared jokes and giggled like kids. Our paws laid on top of each other. Our eyes were locked. The smell of the T-Bone steaks filled the air. Our saliva started to drip.. My heart started to beat extra fast. Should I move forward and give her a kiss or should I go for the steaks first?

Decisions... decisions..


I opened my eyes. I saw mummy with a pair of scissors. I looked at the clock. 2am. What the f..?

"Cut hair!"


inset: my handsome picture before haircut

You say la, prisoners also got better treatment. Never mind, tomor after mummy goes to work oredi i poopoo on her bed.

Shhh.. dun tell her 1st.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mummy in the Morning

These few days ha, mummy always work late one. Or maybe go wet I dunno la..

Always forget to feed me summore.

Then compare me with ahboy. How can compare one, I more handsome than ahboy 4 times one you know.

This morning before she left for work, i wanna take a picture of her but I dunno where she hide the camera. So, based on my memory, i draw lah.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Liucas Can Bakes

This afternoon after watching dvd nothing to do I gave Ahboy a call on his new Sony Ericsson handphone.

Liucas: Oi Ahboy you doing what?
Ahboy: Nothing lah, reading some of Chen's medical journals.
Liucas: Chey, waste time only.. Wanna comne out play badminton or not?
Ahboy: Badminton ah? Nolah, I dunno how to play.
Liucas: You damn retarded la..
Ahboy: I spent too much time on cricket ma..
Liucas: Like that you no handsome already.
Ahboy: Eh, gotta go now. Wanna bake a cheesecake for Chen becos last 2 days hor, she belanja me pork stew..
Liucas: You damn sissy. Oklah, bye.
Ahboy: Bye..


Since Ahboy can bake, so can Liucas ok. Mummy last nite feed me with caviar, guess I also need to bake her a cake lah..

Without wasting anymore time, I go and salvage mummy's kitchen and try get every ingredients to bake a cake. Few hours later, the cake is done. And I left it on the table to give her a surprise.

But when she came home and saw the cake, she scolded me like there is no tommorow. This world why not fair one. I susah susah bake cake for her also kena scolding. You all see lah what's wrong with the cake.

Nothing wrong, right?


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Afternoon Chat

Just now in the afternoon when no one at home, I curi curi surf net using my mum’s notebook. While checking some of my share prices in the NYSE, I saw Ahboy came online in YM..

Liucas: Oi Ahboy. You so free ah surf net?
Ah boy: Dun say like that.. I just now finished watching DVD ma. Nothing to do then I online to read blogs lor.
Liucas: Blogs also nice to read meh? I tell you la, almost all bloggers gila one. All eat full nothing to do.
Ah boy: True also la. Some more do the meme meme thing hor, so ma guai fan!
Liucas: Ha, talk about that, do you know we kena tagged liao?
Ah boy: Yalor. Itu Carcar lor.. Kasi tag we all do the before and after meme. We where got time?
Liucas: Mai jau hai! They think we really so free like them. My schedule so tight you know everyday.
Ah boy: They don’t understand la.. Morning have to watch dvd, afternoon need to nap. Then evening need to eat. At nite have to act cute for Chen. Tough life.
Liucas: You better don’t complain la. Mine more tough ok. Morning need to sleep. Afternoon need to watch dvd, Evening need to pee into the fridge. At nite when mummy comes home I no strength to act cute oredi. Then kena scolding from her. Tougher life.
Ah boy: Sad hor. Why dun we boycott the meme?
Liucas: Now you are talking.. Eh, year end got 1 don’t know what party. You going ka?
Ah boy: See mood 1st.
Liucas: Haha..
Ah boy: Haha..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Think She Knows

This morning I saw mum’s face as black as charcoal. I bet she must have knew that I m maintaining my own blog instead of sharing one with her.

After putting some food on my bowl, she slammed the door and went to work.

I see see the food she prepared from me, it’s yesterday leftovers. This is the 1st time mum feed me with leftovers after 3 years of staying together. Should I be a good rabbit and eat the food?

I chose not to. I rather go hungry than eat leftovers.

Fine. Since she dun love me anymore, I’ll do the same. I will pee on all the food in the fridge. So, tonite, when she dig into the fridge for her supper.. haha, guess who’s kincing she’s gonna taste!

So boring at home. Maybe I’ll just watch a dvd before my afternoon nap..

*flip flip DVD collection*

101 Dalmations. Nice..


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dun Tell Her

Shhh.. dun tell Winn I am starting my own blog...