Liucas Without Winn

Friday, June 29, 2007

7 Random Facts!

One fine day, while surfing the net, i accidentally saw Rinnah's baby Kelly tag me. She so brave. Me also she tag. Normally I bochap la.. But since she is a bitch female dog, I give in lah. Ahboy you try see I layan or not...

7 Random facts about Handsome Liucas!!

Number 1!
I eat human food. What? Dun believe? See, I am preparing myself for tea time.. But dunno why hor, this food so noisy one...

Number 2!
I found a special way to keep fit and eat more. Tie a ballon to yourself whenever you step on a weighing machine.. It does wonder!!

Number 3!
When mummy ask me to play dead, I can always 'die' on the spot. With real blood summore. No artificial coloring or flavoring.. Gerenti real.

Number 4!
The best hide and seek player? Definitely is me.. Got one time I hide under the sofa for 2 days until mummy go and report police that I am missing..

Number 5!
Who says only cats can land on the feet? I can too. I always jump here and there. No scratches.. See la, how I jump...

Number 6!
The time I love most is during CNY. You all know la, I am a chinese ma.. although I got angmoh name.. Blame mummy la.. she never go school dunno how to name cat one. See people white white tei say people angmoh and give angmoh name. Anyway, CNY I can play mahjong, wear chinese costume and drink till I can see stars...

Number 7!
How to say this. Just say I am everybody's favourite.