Liucas Without Winn

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


That day I read Ahboy's blog he say he got ride in motorbike.. I was laughing my ass off seeing him in the motor. So kampung! As my dad use to tell me, 'Why ride motor when you can drive a ferrari?'

My dad

I must admit I never ride on a motor before. Because the first license I got was a driving license. And then Ferrari Club of Italy invited me to become their honorary member. Honorary member means waived all membership fees plus free 1 Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari F1 autographed by Schumacher one.

member copy
Membership Card

Normally during weekends, I just drive my Ferrari Enzo out to pick up some bitches female dogs. If ride kapchai, can only pick up makcik. Ahboy, I no bluff you one.

liucas ferrari 2
one of my many cars

During F1 seasons, I just book the whole Sepang Circuit to test the F1 car lah. Well, only if I am very free and watched all the DVDs.

liucas ferrari
only when i am dem free..

These are just few of my activities lah.. Nothing to shout about. Quite boring actually..