Liucas Without Winn

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liucas Art of War

Today let's talk bark about the art of war.

Rule number 1.

Never ever trust anyone. Not even your closer brader.

Let me demonstrate. Yesterday while I was chillin', my bro Teru came over...

Teru: Yo bro!
Me: Yo! Wassup bro?
Teru: Whatcha doin' bro?
Me: Chilin' bro!
Teru: Cool bro!
Me: Totally, bro!
Teru: Whatcha say bro, if i chill next to ya!
Me: Bro, that's so gay!
Teru: C'on bro!
Me: Ok bro, see that part above me? ya chillin' there I'm cool.
Teru: Rawks bro!

So leh, he climbed to the part above me and started chillin'..

Teru: Bro, cats are cooler than dogs..
Me: Bullshit bro! Dogs rawkzz!

Then suddenly.....


Kena attacked by Teru just because he thinks cats are cooler. You say la, brader ah? Can attack you liddat one. So, don't trust anyone!

Teru, if you are reading this, I am going to pee in ur litter box tonite. See how u berak!