Liucas Without Winn

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Desktop Tag

Once in a while, someone itchy will tag Liucas to waste some time in doing some tough meme. Those difficult to do one, I will not have time. Got time also go training with my Ferrari la..

But since LB so good just tag me with a super duper feluper simple tag, I have to give face. Furthermore LB tag me from so far..

Before I start, I wanna apologised for my absense recently. Actually I am busy in a new project called 'Passing the Baton'. Sounds high class mou? Actually it's the transition of the Dog year to the Pig year la.. Muahahaha..

Ok, cut the craps.. Let me present.... My desktop!!

Intro a bit..

Wallpaper sure use my girl Victoria photo la.. But she requested one.. She says if she din see her photo as wallpaper she cuts my marks.. Now only left 60 saja.. Because a few times I put my mummy's photo.. My mummy also forced me to put up her photo one.. Aigh, 2 ladies fighting over my attention. Sien..

As you can see, my desktop only consists of 4 important programs:

1: playdog.exe
This program when double clicked will display *salivating* dogs models around the world. All very pretty one. Normally I run this program when mummy goes to work la. These days she always come home late, so I am forced to run this program more often.. Sien.

2: ferrari.exe
Since I am a proud owner of ferraris and a prestige member of their high class club, this is a must have program. It will linked directly to the Ferrari's websites around the world for updates on latest engine technologies and news. It also provides gossips. Last I read Ahboy kena ti(p)u because people gave him fake handphone and he tot is a real one and try to sms me. Sien.

3: sapturn.exe
This one is a must for everyone I tell you. It will connects directly to my mummy's blog and that's the best blog around so far. The contents is so informative and provides a wide range of useful information with educational elements and entertainment as well. This blog should winn (no pun intented) an Oscar. (ok, she forced me to write this paragraph by threatening to throw me down from 18th floor if I refused to oblige). Sien.

4: bone.exe
This one important. You know la, sometimes mummy came back late from work she just cincai give me food. Sometimes not nice one. If such case happens, I will go into this program that will features a variety of tasty bones around the world, which include dinosaur bones as well. This will improve my appetite and the food wun be so bland. Sien.

That's it, done!