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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Double Trouble Couple

*Final Countdown music playing in the background*

Background commentor: Ladies and gentlemen.. Let's put our hands together for the host for tonite... Liucas..!

Audience: *clap..clap..clap*

Liucas: Thanks you, thank you.. Welcome everybody to Liucas Rawks Show.. And today, we have 2 guests to discuss a tag that was passed to them all the way from Sydney...!

Audience: ooooo...

Liucas: Let's welcome... SK and Winn!

Audience: *silence*

*Eletronic board flashing the word: Applause*

Audience: *still silence*

Liucas: Ahem, so... Let's start our tag for today, "This or That"!!

Audience: *clap*clap*clap*

Liucas: SK and Winn, which one? Coke or Pepsi?

SK: Thanks Liucas.. For me, definitely Coke. Becos the secret ingredients in Coke can really give my tastebuds the extra kicks and the aroma is marvellous. Thanks to the 11 secret herbs and spices.. Wait, are we talking about KFC yet..?

Winn: My choice is none other than Coke Light. Reasons being, Coke Light is intoxicated and contains alcohol. I like.

Liucas: (This is going to be a loooonnng day.. sigh..) Thanks.. Next. KFC or McDonald's?

SK: KFC's Big Mac is a bomb. Who else can make a Big Mac so tasty like KFC? KFC beats McDona... Oppss.. Screwed. I mean, I like McDonald's.

Winn: I like McDonald's because McD got clown. And free toys. And fattening.

Liucas: Häagen-Dazs or Baskin-Robbins?

SK: BR every month on the 31st got 31% discount. *calculate* Definitely BR!

Winn: Häagen-Dazs for me because I can't afford it. When something you can't afford, it must be better.

Liucas: Coffee Bean or Starbucks?

SK: I prefer Starbucks. Their logo is nice. And I believe some day they will control the world.

Winn: Coffee Bean. Starbucks is specially reserved for LB and Ahmay.

Liucas: Nike or Adidas?

SK: I tried both and and I like both. Hope they merge and come out with Nikidas or Adike..

Winn: Adidas. Nike is for napet.

Liucas: Merz or BMW?

SK: Tough choice. The BMW 7 series is damn sleek. But the Merz CLK is a babe magnet. I can't decide.

Winn: Definitely Benz because it reminds me of Aben. Aben is so handsome.. *drools*

Liucas: *passing a tissue to Winn* Which one you guys prefer; US or UK?

SK: My personal preference will be UK because I heard they have free porno on TV.. No?

Winn: Definitely US because SA is staying there.

Liucas: Terrific.. *mumbles* Paris or Rome leh?

SK: Paris because Paris got Eiffel Tower.

Winn: Paris because Paris got Paris Hilton.

Liucas: How about Céline Dion or Mariah Carey?

SK: Is Mariah Carey that porn star who is going around campaigning for her seats as the California governor in US? Oh, tht one is Mary Carey.. Yeah, quite confusing..

Winn: I prefer Céline. She got a cute husband..

Liucas: But her husband is abit old oredi, still cute? *mumbles again* Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

SK: After Britney shaved her head, I prefer Christina. If she din shave her head, I still prefer Christina.

Winn: I'll go for Christina. She is single and hot. Which movie she acted in already?

Liucas: Brad Pitt or David Beckham?

SK: Beckham screwed up a penalty kick during Euro 2004 against Turkey and caused me some wallet damages! Brad, I choose you.

Winn: Victoria's handbags quite nice.

Liucas: Dad or mum?

SK: No special preference.. I want both.

Winn: Pama, or Mapa..

Liucas: (How long more.. This is getting out of hand..) Movie or music?

SK: Movies also got music one ma.. How to choose?

Winn: Muvie and Mosic..

Liucas: Windows or Mac?

SK: I think only 0.000135% of the world's population knows how to use Mac..

Winn: Winndow...coz winndow very flexible can support mac + uncle ho's family..

Liucas: Final question.. (thanks God).. PC or Notebook?

SK: Desktop.. You think if I set up my desktop in Starbucks the barista there will scold bad words or not?

Winn: Lappie...! Coz lappie cutie hottie goodie..

Liucas: That's it! Done! Yippee! I'm outta here!! *runs away*

SK: Eh Winn, he nochet ask us which 2 guy and girl to tag hor?

Winn: Yalar.. Dunno rushing go where.. So how, you wanna tag who?

SK: I think Pinky should do this. Some more?

Winn: I want Aben! I mean I want Aben to do this tag.... *drools*

SK: *pass tissue* *shake head*

*Eletronic board flashing the word: Applause*


*all the audiences already left after the 3rd question*

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