Liucas Without Winn

Friday, October 19, 2007

More Loyal Than Hachiko

That day I catch some wind that someone says I should be shameful because I am not loyal enough to my mummy? This is outrageous!


When someone spread rumors or make negative comments like this on me.. It hurts :(


So, to clear my name, I will share with you all that I am also a loyal doggie too..

Every weekdays morning without fail, I walk my mummy to the door one to send her off to work..


Please note that Nippon doggie only send his master to the train station. I do beyond that ok..

1st thing after mummy left for work I prepare lunch for her housemate, Reece. Reece still young dunno how to cook yet, so it's my responsibility to make sure she got enuf to eat..


After finishing all the house chores, it's time to cook dinner..


Tonite I am cooking assam laksa.. You all see tasty or not my culinary skills..


About 7pm.. time for mummy to come home from her tough work in the office. She must be tired after working for so long..


Not to say I action or what.. I won award before for being a loyal doggie..


So, who else dare to say I not loyal?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Doggie Fair 2007

6.10.2007, 11.26am

Dear Diary,

I am very happy today. Mummy says she is bringing me to a dog fair tomorrow to meet Domdom before she left the house to go for her holiday. I was jumping for joy. I sleep also smile becos too happy leh..


7.10.2007, 2.28pm

Dear Diary,

I just came back from yumcha wit mummy and friends.. *tired* This morning we went to the dog fair at Central Park. Waliao.. so many doggies there. Then I met my sweetheart Domdom.. And the following events took place.

It's ok Domdom. I din laugh at you while I am at home now..


8.10.07, 8.23pm

Dear Diary,

OMG.. Domdom is too much. It's ok she dun admit she farts but then hor, how can she accused me hamsap.. *sad*

I hope her readers dun belief her..

Woof! Woof! <-sad barks

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Liucas Numero Uno!

Actually this year my resolution is to be more humble but good things must share, right? Since all my fans are begging me to show some basic tricks, I gotta give in.. Ladies and gentlemen, lemme present... Liucas Numero Uno!

Thanks for the applause. Next time when I am free I show u all more advance tricks like how to make sushi and how to change a flat tyre ok..

Woof! Woof!