Liucas Without Winn

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour & Liucas

PLS Dont tell EVERYONE , but acherly hor , liucas invented earth hour...kekeke

No la..acherly again,.....liucas is the 1st Malaysian Dog to support the Earth Hour.

Dont believe? see my official photo beside Earth Hour official website. --->

Believe yet??????
You humans always suspect this and suspect that ,force me to show off only...haiya...
What is earth hour?
Easy peasy la. Earth hour is ...switch off your lights lor, if your house got too many lights , just pull off the main power switches la. or dont pay TNB for one month and see , then you'll see and feel the effect of more than just earth hour...
Come ! Let a responsible dog show you how to do it ...

nah , just switch off your light ma, duh! so easy!

then blog in the dark... and wait for one hour

Understand mei?????

No i DID NOT SWITCH ON THE LIGHT! This is just flash light ok!
so now, malaysian human beings, it's your turn to earth hour.
This Sat, 28th March 2009 - 830pm to 930pm cannot cheat!
Lets do it!