Liucas Without Winn

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Happy Humble Dog

I love this handsome photo taken by my mom during the cny. I'm so good looking right. I looked so 'laam'. I love to pose for my mommy coz she says she takes great pictures . Cheh, I think mommy bullshit. Without a handsomely goodlooking photogenic (& some said... wang lee hom look-alike) son, you think the pictures would turn out so good meh? *rolls eyes & nose*
I kid you not. You see, aunty QQ also think i very handsome, she sent this photo to join her company's CNY bestest photograph contest , themed wildest celebration, and I won! ( or rather, she won...-_- , but nevermind la i'm in for the fame and not for the money; i'm unlike humans...)

My award winning photo.Leng mou??

Look at the RM600 parkson vouchers i won for aunty QQ. Again, without my handsomely goodlooking and photogenic face, you think aunty QQ can win meh? *lansi face* . Now dom dom and ahboy, i'm an award-winning dog. PERIOD. I dowan to emphasize again for who's the cutest dog already...happy sigh...that is so unnecessary lor hiak hiak hiak...coz people, i'm also quite humble oneeeee:D