Liucas Without Winn

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wise words for all my species out there....

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter umm still got fans?)

Happy Easter to everyone :)
I'm the easter bunny dog today. Mommy treated me with an microwaved egg together with other veggies...
Yeah you didnt read it wrong..VEGGIES :( cabbages, carrots, potatos, spring beans..are my faithful diet now. mommy said greens are good for me, good for my karma too.
i've been eating fresh veggies for almost month now. when mommy's in good mood she'll boiled them for me. But from the look from her wrinkled work clothes she wore to work everyday - got microwaved food for me already considered good lor, what's more to expect?
to be honest i love veggies . Thats why i'm an easter bunny dog. Till then Cheerios ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liucas Art of War

Today let's talk bark about the art of war.

Rule number 1.

Never ever trust anyone. Not even your closer brader.

Let me demonstrate. Yesterday while I was chillin', my bro Teru came over...

Teru: Yo bro!
Me: Yo! Wassup bro?
Teru: Whatcha doin' bro?
Me: Chilin' bro!
Teru: Cool bro!
Me: Totally, bro!
Teru: Whatcha say bro, if i chill next to ya!
Me: Bro, that's so gay!
Teru: C'on bro!
Me: Ok bro, see that part above me? ya chillin' there I'm cool.
Teru: Rawks bro!

So leh, he climbed to the part above me and started chillin'..

Teru: Bro, cats are cooler than dogs..
Me: Bullshit bro! Dogs rawkzz!

Then suddenly.....


Kena attacked by Teru just because he thinks cats are cooler. You say la, brader ah? Can attack you liddat one. So, don't trust anyone!

Teru, if you are reading this, I am going to pee in ur litter box tonite. See how u berak!

Friday, August 28, 2009


To all the generous donors out there,

My 2010 plan is to travel around the world, all by myself. Big boy dy. Got bulu got sayap. My plan as follows:

1) Starting point = Dataran Merdeka.
2) Then I walk towards Puduraya. Buy Dunkin' Donuts.
3) Continue to Jalan Duta to exit PLUS highway.
4) To be continued because so far I only managed to collect RM10 and all hutang buku 555 one summore..

Please donate to support me to reach my RM1m mark by the end of the year.

If not, with just RM10, I can only eat donuts. And patah balik from Jalan Duta.

For donation, please click here.

Kamsiah lu..

ps: if u dowan donate, i shit at u house next time. mai kong siu.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour & Liucas

PLS Dont tell EVERYONE , but acherly hor , liucas invented earth hour...kekeke

No la..acherly again,.....liucas is the 1st Malaysian Dog to support the Earth Hour.

Dont believe? see my official photo beside Earth Hour official website. --->

Believe yet??????
You humans always suspect this and suspect that ,force me to show off only...haiya...
What is earth hour?
Easy peasy la. Earth hour is ...switch off your lights lor, if your house got too many lights , just pull off the main power switches la. or dont pay TNB for one month and see , then you'll see and feel the effect of more than just earth hour...
Come ! Let a responsible dog show you how to do it ...

nah , just switch off your light ma, duh! so easy!

then blog in the dark... and wait for one hour

Understand mei?????

No i DID NOT SWITCH ON THE LIGHT! This is just flash light ok!
so now, malaysian human beings, it's your turn to earth hour.
This Sat, 28th March 2009 - 830pm to 930pm cannot cheat!
Lets do it!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My New Home

Aigh... These days, politician really takes no responsibility in what they say...

Say I immigrant.. Say must not have equal reights.. But I was born here, breed here and I plan to *touch wood* die here also wo... I called this place... my home.. *sniff sniff*

Here no welcome, China also not my home. How? Maybe I should just pack my bags and go to...















The Moon sajalah...

At least there no foul mouth politician..