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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Marley? Chehhhh;P

Mommy is reading Marley & Me after Ai Ling jie jie blogged and recommended this good book. And she says Marley is so much cuter & smarter than ........domdom:P (dont cry dom dom , am sure marley will friend you;p)

awwwwwww mommy mommy pls stop comparing us dogs anymore i'm sure the readers here are tired of this topic. -_______- "
on a second thought, even if mommy had compared me and marley i'll win him handsdown. My cuteness is not for the faint-hearted kay!! kakakkaa...sorry peeps liucas is in the mood to show-off liucas' photos for no apparent hidden agenda. Sharing is caring , no?

oh well whatever, this is me in the royal adidog suit and titanic kate sleeping pose.

This is me in my castle wearing the very famous pooh bear costume

It's me again during SARS. with my trendy up-market face mask.

And this is the handsome me in fcuk baseball cap 1901.

Again, me in yukata standing high high above overlooking those beneath my feets

Me in the concubine suits . Me is one of LB's favourite.

Me the cinapek 'songkok'.

Me is good friend of Ray Ban

This is me wearing my smart shoes version 2020

Me in my black lacey Dior's winter 2008 princess gown

What's with 'no gentlemen's agreement?'

Me as the HSBC HomeSmart leading spokeperson
......need i say more?

Now you know why mommy didnt want to compare me with Marley?



  • At 1:08 AM , Blogger angeles said...

    muahahahaahaa... liucas, liucas... liu are the farniestest!!

    eh, since your mommy stop blogging, can u update us abt her ah? can? cannn? i belanja u one kotak biscuit... okeh?

  • At 1:42 AM , Blogger L B said...

    hahahaha, Liucas... you know you're always in my heart, and in my thoughts, every single night I do not see you, due to the other concubines jumping qu.. taking their turns.. You ada ambik nombor tak?

  • At 8:25 AM , Blogger mistipurple said...

    ok lah, let you jump q for the emperor tonight.

  • At 8:53 AM , Anonymous said...

    hahahahaha. liucas oh liucas. u male or female actually? sometimes u wear suit, sometimes u wear gowns..

  • At 3:52 PM , Anonymous dom dom said...

    You don't lc, ok. Later you become Sami Velu, kena tarpau

  • At 10:24 PM , Anonymous kat said...

    liucas the androgynous dog.. :D

  • At 10:49 AM , Blogger liucas said...

    angeles jie jie, my mommy tengah sleeping she eat sleep eat sleep everyday i also what to do with her. like a..*oink*..haaa

    LB, i ambik number but my nombor is 0..why geh? i really duno where to start the Q..

    misti, yipee misti is the great! but too bad emperor pms today ;(

    ehon, i m the proudest malaysian dog who's the most versitile!

    domdom, now who more lansi wor? since u 'grad' u never update blog, so u say who more lansi jek?;p

  • At 9:28 AM , Blogger Pacco de Mongrel said...

    LoL... titanic kate sleeping pose is totally hilarious...


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